Initial token distribution (including team wallets) Table:

Wallet Owner %             Wallet Adress
Locked Tokens (PinkLock)       30% 0x407993575c91ce7643a4d4cCACc9A98c36eE1BBEa
X-Club 20% 0x007a86bb3a8649590e84013dc62900632a8ec89f
Marketing Wallet 11.25% 0x6a99ae554658c048beaef573d23a1307e5e63412
Mario 1.25% 0x285b53342e438366f39afe0961884ebcfc9c3336
Mike 1.25% 0x10efbddc7e7f3378f609bd0b0161e2fe97e3fa9a
Andre (Steke) 1.25% 0x7294fae1255af5c5c70751f3664831150aa5d7ce
Benjamin (Kart) 1.25% 0xe0197dc873b78eff3bf62c0dd96bffd52bbe5c76
Olu (Fins) 1.25% 0x8b665b1d2edd0b2d5f1ecee040a43137db2c7387
Gal (GalZi) 1.25% 0x726719e2f18857dbc1ae9a6ff81c5bfc9bbc2138
Chris (CD) 1.25% 0x9323b1253d3557ea8a272c065fbdb6950958382e

Table above is 70%. rest of 30% went to: 15% presale buyers, 15% pancakeswap liquidity

Current token distribution (Last update 18/03/23):

• PinkLock (had 30%) now has 20% - those 20% are unlocked and ready - reserved for CEX's.
the other 10% went to: 5% to staking pool for apr rewards, and 5% went to Xgiving wallet(Locked)
• Xclub+Marketing (20%+10%) Locked in our Locker (and receiving ETH).
• All the above mentioned are locked in our ProxLocker untill 2024 (by Brewlabs with Certik certified):
The Locker collects ETH by all the tokens locked, and we harvest the eth for each wallet accordingly, with those ETH we do Xclub buys, and marketing and etc.
•Team wallets:
Nart - As the founder he decided to leave his 12.5m team tokens at the marketing wallet, (therefore marketing started with 11.25% instead of 10%)
and those 12.5m tokens were used as prizes and etc for the competitions and raffles at the first month.
Mario - burned his 12.5m: 0x285b53342e438366f39afe0961884ebcfc9c3336
olu - sent his 12.5 to marketing wallet: 0x8b665b1d2edd0b2d5f1ecee040a43137db2c7387
mike & steke locked their tokens in the locker:
Chris & Gal & Benjamin Staked their tokens in the BrewLabs staking pool:
No one sold a single token from their 12.5m team tokens. (some sells only from the xclub drops received).
The Entire 87.5m team tokens (12.5 x 7) can be seen on the links provided above.
As we said that we will never sell those 12.5m, we keep our word and we will never sell.



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